Education is the process of facilitating, learning, or acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Hence, Positive Vibration aims to enrich students’ hidden talents in all domains of life including academic excellence.


Positive Vibration is established for spreading positive vibes nationwide to unlock unseen human capabilities and inspire to discover possibilities in every area of life. The institution has discovered that there’s a significant role of parents, teachers, and schools in the personal development of a child. Thus, to excel the academic, moral strengths and productivity of the schools/colleges, it has been conducting several seminars, workshops, and training for all these concerned people. After being part of the program, the trainees have experienced positive changes and performing their best at their level. Therefore, this program is an evidence-based program that provides simple and practical strategies to manage children’s behaviour confidently and assists in resolving problems and building strong and healthy relationships among teachers, guardians, and society.


Together, we can help to ensure positive vibes in the lives of our children.

The Art of Parenting (Time: 3 hours)

As home is the first home of a child, there is a vital role of a parent in shaping the future career of the child. So, this program will assist our parents to achieve the skills of the Art of Parenting and deal accordingly.


At the end of the training, the parents will be able to:

• Handle the responsibility of a father and mother

• Maintain a friendly environment at home,

• Guide the culture, social norms, values and disciplines to their children,

• Establish the quality of life in the family,

• Motivate child with love, care and affection,

• Become independent to settle the problems,

• Establish cordial relationships among the family members, teachers, and the school administration,

• Help children to achieve their goals,

• Handle their children’s problems,

• Be ideal parents,

• Handle their teenage children,

• Identify their child’s multiple intelligence,

• Develop the skills of child’s psychology and their role.

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